For the feature of durable and flexible, our vinyl products are widely used to protect automotive components. Many of our caps, covers and sleeves have been designed specifically for the aoutomotive parts manufacturing.


Use our parts to protect electrical compenents. We offer a variety of grips, caps and sleeves that can ensure the deliverability of your electrical products and protece them throughout their usage. 

              Hand Tools

Our diverse selection of grips can be used for all types of hand tools for comfortable use, easy storage and product differentiation.


Use our unique designed and durable vinyl products to protect packages  during shipping and storage settings. Our caps can be designed in different shapes and colors. OEM is welcome.


   Recreation& Sporting     

We have a large range of grips for all-types of hand-held sporting equipment and plugs forrecreational goods and machinery.

            Pipe Protection

Protect pipe threads and ends with variety of durable caps. Our vinyl caps can be used for PVC pipe, metal pipe, round pipe, square pipe etc.

Copper Busbar Application